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Roasted at 5000 Feet in Lincoln, MT

Always Organic, Always Fair Trade, Only Single Origin Roasts, Only %100 Arabica

Valler Coffee beans are sourced from the top %5 of the highest quality beans grown in the world!


All Dark Roasts with no bitterness

(Listed Lightest to Darkest Roast)


Cutthroat Drift


Lightest but still Dark and Sweet, Nutty, notes of Dark Chocolate, Fruit, and Nougat.


Rifleman Roast


Medium Dark, Rich, Hazelnut & Caramel, Creamy and Balanced


Red Mountain Roast


Rich and Dark. Caramel, Chocolate, and Floral notes; Sweet and Clean. Round body


Kampfire Koffee


Rich and Smokey, with some Sweetness. Espresso Roast


Valler Coffee is sold as whole beans but we can grind it if requested :)

Valler Coffee Beans

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