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Montana Gluten Free Organic Raw Oatmeal is the only organic raw oatmeal produced in North America. These oats have wonderful flavor, more nutrition and longer shelf life than conventional wet-milled, pre-cooked oatmeal. Most oatmeal manufacturers have to steam the oats to remove the hulls, then roll or cut it, and finally heat it again to remove all of the moisture. As MT Gluten Free's oats are naturally hulless, they do not have to do anything to them before they dry roll them. No steaming, steeping, or cooking is required in their unique process. The natural enzymes are live and their product is deliciously one of a kind!


Montana Gluten Free Organic products are certified organic through the Montana Department of Agriculture Organic Certification Program under the USDA guidelines.

Ingredients: Raw Organic Rolled Oats

MT Gluten Free Organic Raw Oatmeal

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