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Hindu Hillbilly Honey skin care body oils are made from almond oil, Apricot Kernel oil, raw Montana honey, and pure essential oils. These oils are light and penetrating. They carefully choose each oil for its healing properties and add honey to draw moisture from the air to you skin leaving your skin deeply moisturized, protected, and smooth.


Orange blossom essential oil revitalizes environmentally damaged and mature skin. This nutrient rich oil promotes cell regeneration and skin elasticity. Almond oil is high in moisturizing fatty acids and is known to soften skin. It is ideal for restoring your skins protective barrier and providing lasting nourishment. Apricot Kernel oil is a natural source of vitamin A It helps maintain skin's elasticity and revitalizes tired skin without leaving it feeling oily or greasy.


Lavender is known to calm balance, and soothe the mind. It is also a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. 

Ho Wood is a soothing balm for troubled skin and turbulent emotions. Its woody scent is grounding and deeply relaxing.

Made from our base oil formulation of apricot kernel oil, almond oil, and honey. This oil is easily absorbed and can be used as a moisturizer, facial oil, massage oil, or bath oil.


Ylang Ylang's exotic scent will balance mood, calm anxiety and warm the body. Clary Sage has a calming influence on the nerves, emotions and can help balance hormones. Both oils are known aphrodisiacs as well, what a nice bonus!

Made from our base oil formulation of apricot kernel oil, almond oil, and honey this oil is easily absorbed and has many uses.

Hindu Hillbilly Body Oil

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